Keep challenge yourself

I think it has been 2 years since I took this picture and still it one of my favorite. I have taken a lot of pictures since then but keeps coming back to this one. Is it just that is a good friend I have in front of my camera who is doing a fantastic job that’s make this image? I don’t know. 

Still my favorite image of my friend Katrin. Eyes and the facial expressions is spot in. 

Maybe, it is because it was this summer I started to go from good images in the technical aspects and challenge myself with new motives and start to be more into details in how does the light hit the model before I take any picture. It is a key aspect because without good light you will end up with crap images.

During the last years, I have continued shooting and become more and more comfortable with different locations. To know where I can shoot and where I cannot shoot. I also think it has to do with I know myself better in what I can do in the computer. Taking a flat boring picture but with the editing of the picture, bring it up with more life and colors. To just make it look more interesting in the observers eyes. 

Here is an example from, before and after image. Look extra at the eyes 

But if you never clanged yourself to new environments and themes you will stop developing your skills. I have seen full time photographers take crap images and wonder how can they still manage to get food on the table. Of course, I also see everyday people who just taking photos for fun and I can just dream of taking these pictures.